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Vx PRACTICE CASE "MR REIHANA" (linked to PPE Week 2)

Vx PRACTICE CASE "MR REIHANA" (linked to PPE Week 2)

This is a Formative Learning Task, linked to Week 2.

The rationale for providing this activity is that by Week 2 you will have been introduced to the Vx- either in the weekly class if you are an on-campus student or in the recorded material and face to face session scheduled in week 2 if you are an online student.

We will use the Vx a lot this semester. It has simple polls, surveys and cases. This is a case and we will build your capacity to dvelop strong ethical arguments using this tool- and a Vx cases will form part of the 2nd assessment. Knowing how to complete one now will help establish those skills and helsp you see where you may need more help.

We were introduced to Mr Reihana in the introduction to this paper and we considered some of the arguments why he ought to be treated and some reasons why perhaps he shouldn't. You'll have your own views on this and these are informed by the specific values we hold.

Given that you've already had a bit of a think about him, it's a great example to use as a practice using the Vx 'Case' framework. There is a help tutorial available on each screen- just click the question mark in the top cornr of your screen. There is also some guidance in an attachment and you can also revisit info availble in the Bb Vx user folder.

Have a go working through the interactive screens and remember once you've submitted you get to see what everyone else is thinking. This means we can learn from others about the case itself but importantly, we can also learn about ways to use this system, how to answer some of the prompts, how much to write, etc.

This case has been rolled over from previous semesters so there are around 1000 responses from others from whom we can learn a lot!

Once you submit...Go to 'Reports' on left hand menu and then click 'Quotes' from the top toolbar to reveal everyone's thinking on this case.

Don't worry if it feels overwhelming- there will be plenty opportunities to practice!


Jason Reihana is in prison serving a non-parole period of 21 years for the brutal murder of the mother of his two sons and her new partner.

Since being in jail, Reihana has been diagnosed with leukaemia and the treatment he requires will cost $1 million. This will include a six week stay in Auckland Hospital followed by 18 months of out-patient care.

There are divided opinions on this case. On one hand in NZ we do not inflict further punishment on our prisoners and as a human being he ought to be entitled to receive necessary health care, without judgement. However others feel that because of what he has done and the fact that he has shown no remorse, that he should not be entitled to treatment.

What do you think?

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It is proposed that Jason Reihana should be given the leukemia treatment.


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