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By Amanda Lees
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PRACTICE CASE: The Runaway Train (Week 3)

PRACTICE CASE: The Runaway Train (Week 3)

An out-of-control train is heading down a rail track, ahead of which are five hikers unaware of the looming threat. On the bank where you’re standing is a switch that, if flicked, will send the trolley onto another track on which just one person is walking. There is no way to warn the hikers.

If you do nothing, five people die; flick the switch and just one person will die.

To make things worse, the five hikers are strangers - but the single person on the other track is a friend of yours.

What is the right thing to do?

This case is a required element of your first assessment portfolio.

Please think through the sceanrio carefully and use your experience of previous practice cases to demonstrate your thinking skills.

The results are fascinating with an almost 50/50 split, so there is an enormous amount of data to learn from.

It is proposed that you flick the switch to send the train to the track where the single person (your friend) is walking

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