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PPE REQUIRED Vx ACTIVITY (LO4): Week 3 + Week 4 + Week 6 (Week 5 was a rest week)

PPE REQUIRED Vx ACTIVITY (LO4): Week 3 + Week 4 + Week 6 (Week 5 was a rest week)

Welcome to the Vx Required LO4 Activity. This activity links to Assessment Portfolio 2 and runs Weeks 3-6

We are here to support all students to achive this LO and will be giving lots of guidance.

Please carefully follow the weekly instructions below - as in each of the weeks 3-6 you will be asked to add further to your response. 

You are welcome to provides supportive comments to others' responses but please do so in a thoughtful respectful manner and rememebre all for Vx activities there is no objective 'right' answer- whilst we may not agree with our peers everyone can learn from one anothers' response.

There is no expectation that you need to respond to peers' comments.

So, first think- what can I learn from this perspective rather then what I can tell thm about my perspective.

Okay- so here comes the Week 6 activity!


Week 6: In this final week of our LO4 Vx assessment activity we ask that you reflect on the overall activity. You're going to post your response in a new part of the Vx- so follow the guidance carefully.

Specifically, examine one new thing you have learned about ethical decision-making from a peer/s who initially responded to the proposal in the SAME way as you did. For instance, you both responded with ‘Agree Strongly’ or ‘Disagree, etc 

Make sure your new learning focuses on new learning about ethical decision-making and not new learning about the proposal/health workers smoking. 

On the shared Vx Board (see pin icon from left hand menu for this activity) for this task, post your new learningShould you wish to add strength to your post, include a direct quote from a peer to help explain your point. Please ensure direct quotes include quotations marks plus the Vx username. For example: “Blah, blah, blah...” (Vx user Mandy Shaver) (she actually has very insightful things to say so blah blah bah seems like I’m doing her a disservice- sorry Mandy- just for instructional purposes! 

Instructions for locating and posting on the Vx Board for this activity posted on Blackboard under Assessment/Lo4 Week3-6 activity info.

Remember that this cumulative task was posted over Weeks 3-6 but students are free to participate up until Assessment 2 is due (4pm 19 May).

Any questions please email us: mailto:[email protected] '>[email protected] 


Okay- so here we go with the Week 4 activity!

WEEK 4: This week the content of the paper is looking at two theories: Utilitarianism and Deontology. Your task for week 4 is to first add a 'Comment' to your own response reframing your initial position in terms of the theory of utilitarianism. This doesn't neceassarily mean changing your mind but rather providing 2-3 line/sentences showing how you are trying to present your perspective as a theoretical position. If you do use a reference, and this is preferred, you can provide that at the end of your comment.

The second part of this week's task is to post one comment on someone else's response offering a deontological argument that supports the poster's position (so you are not posting an opposing view, you are helping the person learn about deontology by providing them with an argument, using deontology, that supports their perspective). Again- just 2-3 lines/sentences and a reference is you can.

To add Comments simply click 'Reports' and scroll through the data or click 'You' from the drop down filter at top of the screen to locate your response.

Any questions please be in touch: mailto:[email protected] '>[email protected] 


WEEK 3: In this first activity all we want students to do is to respond to this Vx poll. Simply vote and give no more than 2-3 sentences to explain your reasons. References are optional at this stage.

That's it!

As we go through the next few weeks we'll be getting you to build on your level of response and then to begin to respond to your peers' responses.

Any questions just be in touch with the PPE team: mailto:[email protected].ac.nz '>[email protected]

Okay- here we go:


The message from the World Health Organisation (WHO) is clear: 'Health professionals should not smoke' www.who.int/tobacco/mpower/publications/en_tfi_mpower_brochure_o_page2.pdf

'Doctors and other health-care workers are most effective in assisting patients to quit when they serve as role models by not smoking themselves. Their effectiveness increases further if they are visibly involved in local and national tobacco control activities…doctors who smoke undermine tobacco control messages and policies.'

Many countries have adopted strategies for enforcing and assisting the public to quit smoking. An increasing number of countries have implemented smoking bans in public places, including hospital grounds, but there has yet to be widespread regulation around employment conditions in health care.

If our country is serious about being smokefree is it time to require all providers of health and disability services to be smoke-free or is freedom to choose more important?

Or given smoking is not illegal should individual choice be upheld provided those individuals obey laws in relation to where they smoke?

Should health professions have the right to freely choose how they live outside of work hours or is the collective public health message more important?

In this poll, we are considering the following proposal: That all health and disability workers in NZ should be non-smokers

As most of you will be entering health and/or disability services what do you think?

Remember there is no objective right or wrong answer here!

And like all Vx activities once you click submit you can reenter the activity to view the perspectives of your peers- and so learn from them.

Image source: https://pxhere.com/en/photo/996983  CC0 Public Domain 

It is proposed that That all health and disability workers in NZ should be non-smokers
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