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20 Nov 2019 1 Respondent
By Amanda Lees
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In Week 4 students will be required to complete a compulsory task on Vx as the Week 4 Compulsory Element in this paper. The task will also contribute to Q3 in the first assignment (see paper booklet for further details).

For the Week 4 task we will use the Vx 'Snapshot' tool. We are yet to use that Vx tool in this paper so here is an optional practice Snapshot so you will know what the framework looks like next week and can have had a go yourself plus have access to the responses of others to learn from too.

Just click 'More' below to respond and follow the on-screen prompts.


It is agreed that like many other countries, New Zealand is in the midst of a significant demographic change with increasing numbers of older persons. With insufficient staff numbers to work in rest homes for those needing care, researchers are turning to robotics for solutions.

Robotics provide some potential advantages.

Work related back injuries cause significant issues to productivity and so using robots for tasks such as lifting can enable the health of the human workforce to be protected.

In addition, the use of animals in providing therapeutic care and companionship are well documented. However there are health and safety, and potential animal welfare concerns in the use of animals in care facilities. Robotic animals can overcome these issues.

Robots can combine practical tasks and companionship with some robots taking on human-like appearance, with heads, eyes and voice, offering frail patients an arm to hold or steady themselves with as well as well needed company.

With instances of elder abuse rising plus difficulties securing suitable staff numbers, will robots provide more reliable 'care'?

Should robots be used more in rest home care or does their use signify a lack of respect for elder dignity?

Do robots mean we care more or less about older persons?

Image source: https://pixabay.com/en/humanoid-robot-face-1477614/ (CC, no attribution required)

It is proposed that the use of robots should be significantly increased in rest home care