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24 Apr 2020 19 Respondents
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By Amanda Lees
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2020 ROLE PLAY (Links to PPE Week 8 -optional)

2020 ROLE PLAY (Links to PPE Week 8 -optional)

You are invited to take on a role.

We would like you to select one character from this situation. If you possibly can please select a character you LEAST identify with.

Please answer the questions AS THIS CHARACTER. Please try to use the reasons and values you think this person would have – please DO NOT ANSWER AS YOURSELF AT THIS STAGE.

You will need to use the SURVEY BOARD (link on left of your screen) once the results come in, to report some results. Instructions inside the survey will guide you.

NOW, choose one character to be
AS THAT CHARACTER (GIOVANNI OR RUTH), please say what is the best course of action:
What if any ethical theory(ies) would you apply AS THAT CHARACTER?
How hard was it to respond as someone else?