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23 Nov 2017 2 Respondents
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By Katarina Gerhatova
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Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday

50 year old patient with Down's syndrome brought up by ambulance to A&E department is fully concsious with good vital signs. Staffis  not very happy about him being in hospital as he is fine he just need transport home. He is regular patient with the same problem and some of the ambulance crew who know him well usually do take him home from the pub intoxicated.

This time he is very upset as he doesnt want to be in hospital , he walks around angry, urinating everywhere and upsetting rest of the department.The crew that brought him in did not know him and were worried about his welfare due to his disability.

My question is whether they should be carefull in the pubs and not to sell him over the limit even he is not under age 21, or let the crew take him home, which cost money and time for other patients in emergencies.

What would you do in this scenario and how would you resolve the case? 

It is proposed that patient should be supported with his drinking problem and find better solution for him to avoid hospital attendance.

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